Food, Water, Energy Health Nexus

The issues of food, water and energy are interwoven complex that has a direct influence on human life and sustainable development.

The synergies of these key components represent the complex and inter-related nature of our global resource systems on which we depend to achieve different social, economic and environmental goals.

Policies regarding water, energy and food cannot be managed in isolation and requires the collaboration of academics, policy and business stakeholders. The sheer complexity of these nexus relationships makes it difficult to develop truly holistic policy frameworks. Analysts and policy makers have focused on addressing how to manage these complex relationships in a time of rapid population growth, changing economic conditions and constraints, and in the face of a changing climate.

Issues that need to be addressed in this pillar are the linkages between the nexus and sustainable economic growth, how the nexus is integrated into national planning, regional and local perspectives on the nexus; incorporating the nexus into economic modelling; addressing the nexus in economic, finance and development policies; how nexus risks are considered by investors.