Accelerating Climate Adaptation

Accelerating Climate Adaptation

The Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation accelerates climate adaptation by recognising, building and promoting excellence among all relevant stakeholder groups around the world.





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GCECA will develop thematic groups on selected issues to connect different stakeholders and identify opportunities and gaps in building excellence and accelerating adaptation. They will work on specific cross-cutting topics within various sectors:

Cross-cutting topics

risk management

Risk management, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

In this cross-cutting issue, risk assessment methods and techniques are discussed, and the effectiveness of adaptation plans and strategies is assessed. Read more



Finance, Investment and Business

This cross-cutting theme discusses issues such as methods to be used to develop and appraise adaptation options under conditions of climate uncertainty. Read more


Institutions and Governance

This cross- cutting issue discusses the potential for new governance arrangements from local to the global level for effective adaptation. Read more




Delta cities


River deltas, like cities, are among the regions hardest hit by climate change impacts. Deltas can be hubs of wealth, drawing large populations to their wealth of natural resources and access to national and international transport and shipping. Read more




Cities are key perpetrators of climate change but also its main victims. As centres of human activity, they are especially vulnerable to climate change impacts. Read more


Infrastructure and transport

Infrastructure and Transport

Adaptation in the transport sector is necessary for both developed and developing countries, as transport systems worldwide are vulnerable to the increasing impacts of extreme weather, and sea level rise increase the potential for system failure. Read more


food water health nexus


The issues of food, water and energy are interwoven complex that has a direct influence on human life and sustainable development. Read more